What history says about astrology

Evolved originally to help in affairs of state, the art finds its lasting role in casting the fortunes of ordinary men and women. India has had its own system of astrology from perhaps as early as 1000 BC. With Greek influence, during the Hellenistic period, the western version of the zodiac is introduced.

Benefits of an Astrological Consultation

Opens your eyes to an expanded view of yourself and your place in the world Assists you in recognizing your strengths and talents Provides insight into your deepest psychological challenges Illuminates patters of life development Suggests your deepest life purpose and/or direction Exposes the pattern beneath a particular experience or phase of your life Forewarns …

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Benefits of Wearing an Emerald Stone

The emerald stone has the ability to increase the power of reasoning and spirituality. Negative effects of nightmares and evil spirits are nullified by the use of emerald gemstone. Increased peace of mind helps the person to perform better and lead a harmonious and prosperous life.