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Vastu Camel Figurine for investments and stock markets

Vastu Camel Figurine For Investments And Stock Markets
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Camel Painting or Figurine symbolically represents survival against all odds. Camel also symbolizes endurance, persistence, adaptation, long-distance travel, resilience, survival, and safety.

As per Vastu shastra keeping camel image, photo, painting, drawing, and figurine helps in overcoming health issues in the house. Metal camel figurine helps in overcoming bad luck. The camel figurine of metal should be placed in the northwest direction as per Vastu. camel is a symbol of never give up attitude.

A pair of metal camel will bring high returns from investments and stock markets.

keep a pair of camel for the release of stuck funds, will find solutions to Money stuck in property, investments, land etc.

As per Vastu, having a camel idol in study room or office will helping in improving focus. This will help students and those searching for job.

The best direction for keeping camel as per Vastu is northwest or northeast.

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