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Venus’ retrogression in Leo from 22 July to 3 September 2023

venus retrogression
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Venus, the planet associated with love, pleasure, and beauty, is retrograde. This Venus Retrograde began on July 22 and will last until September 3, with Venus transiting through the sign of Leo throughout this period.

During Venus Retrograde, relationships tend to get a bit complicated. It stirs up the past, leading to thoughts about ex-partners; sometimes, old flames may reappear. However, this isn’t just about causing stress; it presents an opportunity to reflect on past relationships, learn from them, let go of the negative aspects and gain closure. If someone from the past resurfaces, it’s a chance to have meaningful conversations, find closure, and move forward without feeling obligated to keep them in your life.

This period can be challenging for those currently in relationships, as new issues may arise. It’s a test of the relationship’s strength. The retrograde may prompt questions about whether the relationship still serves both partners and if they are together for the right reasons. As for new relationships, it’s not advisable to define the relationship during Venus Retrograde, as this could lead to breakups shortly after.

Since Venus also governs beauty and valuables, it’s best to avoid drastic changes in appearance or impulsive spending during this period. Instead, consider experimenting moderately with new looks and being cautious with finances.

Each zodiac sign will experience the impact of Venus Retrograde differently:

  • Aries: Experiencing changes and experimentation in the bedroom.
  • Taurus: Dealing with issues in shared living spaces, requiring compromise and tidiness.
  • Gemini: Encouraged to be a better listener and think before speaking or sending messages.
  • Cancer: Advised to resist impulse spending and be frugal during this period.
  • Leo: Feeling the effects of the retrograde the most, particularly on self-esteem and relationships.
  • Virgo: Facing past relationships and exes more intensely than others, providing an opportunity for closure.
  • Libra: Experiencing shifts in friendships, helping to identify the kind of people they want to surround themselves with.
  • Scorpio: Urged to take their time in pursuing success and avoid rushing into things.
  • Sagittarius: Warned about the challenges of long-distance relationships during this retrograde.
  • Capricorn: Encouraged not to define self-worth based on others’ opinions and not to blame themselves for relationship issues.
  • Aquarius: Advised to take things slow in all relationships and exercise patience.
  • Pisces: Needing to handle work relationships with grace and kindness, avoiding passive-aggressive behavior.

While Venus Retrograde may present challenges, it also offers valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. By letting go of negative influences, people can make room for healthier relationships in the future.

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