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45 Benefits of Rakt Chandan mala. You must Know The All Benefits of Rakt Chandan Mala

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Rakt Chandan Mala is the most divine energy, it symbolizes life force energy. Rakt Chandan Mala represents Goddess Lakshmi, Planet Mars & blessings of Lord Brahma. Rakt Chandan mala is one of the best Mala to appease the Lord Kuber as it is quite effective to perform Kuber Pooja or Kuber Mantra Jaap. This brings wealth to your home and business.

Rakt Chandan Mala is a spiritual tool for meditating to establish a connection with the supreme god. Hence by wearing it, you are more likely to draw positive vibes and improve your focus in the right direction.

Devotees visiting Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple wear the Lal Chandan Mala. It is also worn by devotees participating in the Bhavani Deeksha festival at the Sri Kanaka Durga Temple in Andhra Pradesh. Rakt Chandan mala is used while chanting mantras dedicated to Goddess Durga.

The most popular mantra that is recited with this mala is, “Om Bhomaiya Namah”.

Benefits of Rakt Chandan Mala –

1. Rakt Chandan stimulates the sense of awareness.

2. Rakta Chandan Mala brings a deeper relaxation to the state of the mind.

3. Rakt Chandan mala also enhance the spiritual inclination of the individual.

4. Rakt Chandan mala is good for stress relief as well.

5. Rakt Chandan mala brings good luck to you.

6. Rakt Chandan mala diminishes the negative waves around you.

7. Rakt Chandan mala makes your wishes come true.

8. Rakt Chandan mala makes you competent enough.

9. Rakt Chandan mala helps to gain attraction power.

10. Rakt Chandan mala give financial stability.

11. Rakt Chandan mala makes your personality powerful and charming.

12. Rakt Chandan mala attracts the blessings of Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, and Goddess Durga.

13. Rakt Chandan mala improves love relationships.

14. Rakt Chandan mala gives business success and growth.

15. Rakt Chandan mala balance all the seven chakras of the Kundalini awakening.

16. Rakt Chandan mala helps the mind to concentrate on one thing.

17. Rakt Chandan mala protects you from evil eyes.

18. Rakt Chandan mala brings a deeper relaxation to the state of the mind.

19. Rakt Chandan mala is also helpful for indigestion and fever.

20. Rakt Chandan mala attracts abundance and prosperity.

21. Rakt Chandan mala soothes the gall bladder and helps one to conquer the senses.

22. The wearer of Rakt Chandan mala enjoys all comforts at his authority.

23. Rakt Chandan mala is suggested for headaches, Heart Diseases, and Right Eye Defects.

24. Rakt Chandan mala unfolds vibrant energy and gives bravery, strength, and willpower.

25. Rakt Chandan mala is warming, improves circulation, and protects from negative energy.

26. Rakt Chandan mala protects from both physical and mental enemies.

27. Rakt Chandan mala helps in keeping the senses under control.

28. Rakt Chandan mala for those wishing to lead a spiritual life.

29. If you are looking for most through self-realization should wear the Rakt Chandan mala.

30. Rakt Chandan mala is a good option for those who are facing property-related disputes and other problems.

31. Rakt Chandan mala also protects from all kinds of negative forces.

32. Rakt Chandan mala has excellent healing power. It removes depression, lethargy, and blood-related disorders.

33. Who gets angry, irritated, and have fewer capabilities to bear stress is most often recommended to wear this Rakta Chandan Mala.

34. Rakta Chandan Mala is an excellent remedy for removing Manglik dosha and helps find a suitable marriage match. It removes marital problems and blesses a happy married life.

35. Rakta Chandan Mala enlightens one’s consciousness, improves concentration, and makes a person mentally strong.

36. Rakt Chandan mala is very good for increasing self-confidence, self-expression, and perseverance.

37. Rakta Chandan Mala also helps you to achieve success in your life and enhances the quality of your efforts.

38. Rakta Chandan Mala is used to activate the chakras of Kundalini.

39. This mala is used for sadhana to remove financial debts.

40. Rakt Chandan mala is used for meditation and creative visualization.

41. Rakta Chandan Mala removes Negative vibes, you will remain surrounded by positive vibes.

42. You will be always blessed by the deity you worship.

43. Rakta Chandan Mala provide Stability in Job and Profession .

44. With time you will achieve higher growth in prospirity.

45. Rakta Chandan Mala will remove all your financial constraints.

Important precaution:

1)Try to wear the Rakta Chandan Mala on an auspicious muhurta.

2)Avoid wearing it when consuming alcohol or meat.

3)Take off Rakt Chandan mala before going to bed at night. Next morning, you can wear this mala again, after showering.

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