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Astrological 40 Simple Combinations for Characterless and Adultery in a Native Chart.

astrological combinations for adultery
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As per Vedic astrology, Nine Planets play an important role in human life. The movements and positions of these Nine planets decide the nature of life. If the planets are auspicious, you will be blessed and happy life but if not in a favorable position, then the native will suffer in his life.
Today we will discuss some simple combinations found in native horoscopes for characterless and adultery. The reasons behind characterless, adultery are given in Vedic astrology. There are certain positions on the planets that force Men or women to become characterless and adulterous.
Planets responsible for Characterless and Adultery
Moon- Mind
Venus-Beauty and Love
Mercury- Intelligence
Rahu-Provokes a native to break social norms
Mars-Signifies passion and aggression
House in horoscope responsible for Characterless and Adultery
5th house: Love, romance, cravings, secret love affairs.
Kama Trikona (house of desires) : 7th, the 3rd and 11th houses in Horoscope.
12th house: Bed pleasures, which is one of the reasons why people choose to cheat on love
Let’s have a look at those 40 simple combinations of planets that leads to bad character and adultery in a native horoscope –

  1. Rahu, Venus, Moon and Mars connection with the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th and 12th house and their Lordship indicate secret love /extramarital affairs.
  2. If the lords 10 and 4 be Venus and Mars the native is an adulterer (Here also the mutual relationship of Venus & Mars figures).
  3. Native commits adultery when Rahu with Saturn occupies Lagna.
  4. If in the birth chart Rahu in the 4th House makes native Characterless.
  5. If the birth chart Mercury or Venus is in the 7th, 8th or 10th house then there are chances of that woman entering into prostitution.
  6. Moon and Mercury in the Gemini sign is an indication of an extramarital affair.
  7. If the birth chart has Venus and Mars in relation to each other or both are afflicted.
  8. Ketu is in 9th to Karakamsa (The Karakamsa is the Rashi in the D9 where the Atmakaraka planet of the D1 is placed) the native will do immoral activities.
  9. 3rd House,7th house and 11th house is known as Kama Trikona. These are the houses of desire. If there is a malefic planet in these houses chances of getting involved in extramarital relationship increase.
  10. Venus or Rahu in 7 – the Union will be with a pregnant woman.
  11. Venus and Mars in the 10th and 7th increase possibilities of over-sexual desire.
  12. Venus in the 8th house, Venus- Saturn conjoining or Saturn- Venus- Mars conjoining makes native characterless.
  13. Lord of 8 occupies 8th house; Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn occupy a Dustana (6th, 8th and 12th houses) the wife of the native will be adulterous.
  14. If in the birth chart Venus and Rahu conjoin each other than the native will have sexual relations with multiple people.
  15. The conjunction of Saturn and Rahu in a native birth chart increases the possibilities of multiple relationships.
  16. If in a birth chart Venus and Mars occupy 10th and 7th houses the native will be an adulterer. Here the aspect of Mars on Venus is important.
  17. If Venus occupies the 10th house from Moon and Saturn occupies the 10th from thence the native will be profligate. (Here the mutual aspect of Saturn & Moon is present. Saturn is not aspecting Venus. As such why Venus is introduced is not known Saturn should be in 11 to Venus).
  18. Venus, Mercury and Saturn should be in 7 or 10 to Lagna in a house owned by Venus to make on a reckless.
  19. When the lord of 6 occupies any one Dustana (6th, 8th and 12th houses) the native is adulterous.
  20. Lord of 2, 7 and 10 in 10 makes one adulterous.
  21. When the lord of 7th house is in conjunction with Nodes and aspected by a malefic makes the native reckless.
  22. Venus occupying a house of Mars or Saturn and being aspected by them respectively make one a spendthrift.
  23. When Venus and Mars are posited in 12 the native will lose all morals.
  24. If the Lord of 2 in 3 or 4 to Lagna.
  25. Lord of 7 in 1 or 7, lord of 7 in 2 or 12.
  26. Moon with Mars and Saturn the 7th house – the native and his wife will be adulterous.
  27. Lord of 7 in 4 related to a malefic and posited in malefic Shastyamsa the native will have intercourse with his relatives.
  28. Saturn is in 4 and related to a malefic the native will have intercourse with his sister.
  29. Sun in 7 makes one have intercourse with a barren lady.
  30. Moon in conjunction with a malefic occupies 9th house, and the native will meet his teacher’s wife.
  31. Moon in 9 makes one meet a woman for advanced in age.
  32. Lord of 9th house in debilitation – the intercourse will be with a relative.
  33. Lord of 1 and 6 in conjunction with Malefices-an adulterer.
  34. When the lord of 6, 8 and 9 houses are in conjunction with malefic and also be aspected by malefic the wife of the native will be adulterous.
  35. Venus related to Mars, Sani and Rahu are conjoined with lord of 7 while Bhavas 2 & 12 are occupied by malefic, Mercury as lord of 7 occupying Meena Rasi or Karkataka Rasi duly aspected by malefic and posited in a Dustana with papargala.
  36. Mercury with Venus and Saturn occupy 7 or 10 house owned by Venus make his wife an adulteress.
  37. Rahu occupies the 8th house the native will have multiple affairs and commit adultery.
  38. Natives mother commits adultery when lords of 6 and 8 in conjunction with Moon and Mars occupy 4th House.
  39. When Moon conjunct with Rahu, it makes the native becomes incline to all sort of illicit relationships automatically.
  40. Rahu in 12th House gives multiple low-standard bed partners.
    ©Astrologer Acharya Sailyajit
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