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The effects of the moon On man

Effects of the moon in man
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The moon is lovely, the moon is unique, the moon is beautiful. For centuries, how the moon affects human behavior has been the focus of mythology and folklore throughout the world. Some cultures worship the moon and some ghost stories are based on the full moon.
In Vedic astrology, nine planets are described as factors of various parts of the human body. This means that it affects the human body according to the influence of the planets in the horoscope. The Moon is said to be the ‘factor of the mind’ The human mind commands all the organs. It is also active during our sleep. But he whose heart is strong is sure to succeed. The power of the mind is infinite, and it does not take long for a person who has control over the mind to control the other senses. Those whose minds, and spirits are strong, will come forward in life. Also the Moon is associated with the blood of the human body, body fluids, lungs, left eye, and women’s breasts.
The association of evil planets with the Moon and their influence on the Moon can result in the following diseases
Alzheimer’s disease
Pain in the joints
Breast cancer
Kidney problems
Psychological issues
The Moon is the fastest of all the planets in the Solar System. The Moon takes less time to complete a sign. The Moon is the satellite and closest satellite to Earth. So it is natural that it affects people’s lives. Now new age scientists believe that the moon affects the earth. Since ancient times, we have heard and seen that lunar and solar eclipses occur and have effects.
Many problems are associated with man and most of them arise from intellect, thoughts, thoughts, behavior, speech, nature, desires, and anger. All these things have to do with the mind. We can see very well the influence of the Moon (mind) behind social, business, economic, physical, mental, and many other problems. The Moon conjuncts all planets in a month, so, naturally, not all days will be good. And on a day that is contrary to your thoughts, you will not have to handle your mind, this is possible only when you focus your mind on yoga, pranayama, and meditation.
The moon, the astronomical object orbiting the earth which is also the 5th largest satellite in our solar system. Alongside its vast light and universal beauty, it is of great importance in astrology or astronomy. Like the other 8 planets in astrology, the Moon plays a huge role in people’s lives. In astrology, the moon is the doer of the mind. Thus, with its blessings in the horoscope, you can develop a peaceful, determined, visionary mind. But when the Moon is in a weak position in the horoscope, it creates many tremendous problems. One such problem is lunar faults.
Moon dosha attracts many obstacles in your life. It leaves you lacking the ability to focus, making it nearly impossible for you to make a decision. In addition, you lack confidence, and creativity. You often become mentally disturbed.
If the Moon is in a weak position in the horoscope, it has a detrimental effect. Also, when the Moon forms a conjunction with a malefic planet, it causes a Moon Dosha.
If any evil planet is aspecting Moon in your horoscope then it causes Moon dosha.If you have Moon dosha in your horoscope then you can face many troubles in life.
If you have Moon Dosha in your horoscope, you may face many dangers in life. It can make you misunderstand and doubt your decision. Lack of conviction and control over your own thoughts can make your life troubling. It also makes you more susceptible to nervousness, depression and poor memory. However, astrology offers the following remedy as a solution to conquer this moon dosha.
1) Worship Lord Shiva with complete devotion every day.

  1. Daily chanting of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra proves to be effective.
    3) Lord Ganesha Lord of art, science and wisdom, worship of Lord Ganesha also gets rid of this evil.
  2. Daily pranayama will reduce the effects of Chandra Dosha.
  3. Durga Saptashati is recited to remove evil from the Moon.
  4. Drink water and milk in a silver glass.
  5. Donate white food and supplies.
  6. Wear pearl or silver jewelry.
  7. Wear white clothes often.
  8. Fast on Monday.
  9. Honor your mother.
  10. Eat plant-based foods daily.
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