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Invoking Divine Blessings: Embrace Prosperity and Enlightenment with Buraq’s Presence

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Keeping a picture of Buraq, the celestial creature from Islamic tradition, on the western wall of your home is believed to invite divine blessings, spiritual enlightenment, and prosperity. The Buraq, described as a winged horse with a woman’s face, symbolizes the miraculous journey of the Prophet Muhammad. Its presence serves as a reminder of faith, the interconnectedness of the earthly and celestial realms, and the pursuit of divine proximity. Through this symbolic representation, believers seek spiritual growth and the fulfillment of their aspirations, while honoring the rich heritage and narratives of Islamic tradition.
“Buraq” (sometimes spelled as “Burāq”) is a term derived from Arabic (بُرَاق), which means “lightning” or “shining.” In Islamic tradition, Buraq refers to a miraculous creature described in the accounts of the Isra and Mi’raj, the Night Journey and Ascension of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.
According to Islamic narratives, the angel Gabriel (Jibril) brought the Buraq to Muhammad during his night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem. The Buraq is often depicted as a celestial being with the face of a woman, the body of a winged horse, and the tail of a peacock. It is described as having extraordinary speed and luminosity, hence its name derived from “lightning.”
The Buraq is said to have transported Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem in a single night, where he led other prophets in prayer at the Al-Aqsa Mosque before ascending through the heavens. The journey continued with various encounters and revelations before Muhammad reached the divine presence.
The story of the Buraq is significant in Islamic tradition as it highlights the miraculous nature of the Prophet Muhammad’s experiences and underscores his role as the recipient of divine revelation. It has been celebrated in Islamic art, literature, and spiritual discourse for centuries.
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