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Ketu and Toilet effects

Ketu And Toilet Effects
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Ketu is considered a sin planet in astrology and Vastu. Ketu is a mystical planet and it represents magic and miracles. Ketu is responsible for mindless and forceful things, Ketu Creates accidents, road rash, suicide, termination, fleeing home, rape, etc. If Ketu is positive in the horoscope and Vastu then it makes the person very energetic, the rises by leaps and bounds in career, business, education, politics, social status, etc. When Ketu is inauspicious, it fills a person’s life with troubles, obstacles, and troubles.
In Vastu, the toilet of the house is considered to be the place of Ketu. Ketu gets strength from dirt etc and inauspicious results increase.
Reason for Bad Ketu

  1. Breakage in the toilet.
  2. Water dripping from a tap in the toilet.
  3. Bad odor in the toilet.
  4. Less Lighting in the Toilets.
  5. Dampness in the toilet wall.
  6. Dark Colour or tiles in the toilet.
  7. Dirty toilet floor and commode.
  8. Unused objects in the Toilets.
  9. No air supply in the toilet.
  10. Keeping dirty clothes for days in the toilet.
    Bad Ketu Effects
  11. Frequent Diseases in family
  12. Financial loss in the family
  13. Mysterious disease and cancer
  14. Phycological problems
  15. Frequent Quarrels
  16. Create many Secret Enemies
  17. Welcome negative energy/Ghosts etc
  18. Suicidal tendencies
  19. Unnatural deaths
  20. Accidents in the family
  21. Rape Case
  22. Anger and possessiveness
    • No Breakage in the toilet.
    • The toilet should not be kept dirty.
    • Keep the toilet clean and dry.
    • Water should not drip from the tap etc. in the toilet.
    • The toilet should be kept clean and odor free.
    • Always keep the toilet stairs clean.
    • Fill the salt in a glass bowl and keep it in the toilet.
    • Made a Salt Potli in a red colored cloth and hung it on the main door of the house or office to keep the negative forces out of the house and office.
    • Once a week all the family members should take bath with salt water.
    • Wipe home every day of the week with salt water except Thursday.
    • If often bad thoughts occur in the mind, then fill salt in a glass pot and place it in a corner.
    • At bedtime, cleansing the feet thoroughly with salt water removes stress and calms the mind.
    Acharya Sailyajit

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